Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preface and Contents

The Awakening
by Stephen K. Hayles

This is a Book which hopefully many can enjoy and possibility be Inspired.
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There comes a time in life when we ask. ‘What is it all for, why am I here and where will it end?’
Lister, the main character of this book has reached such a stage. He is at that point in his life where he has achieved everything he thought would make him happy. He has wealth, power, prestige and a loving home life. Still he feels there is something missing. What is it? How can he obtain it? Where will he find it?
He is led by several turns of events to make yet another Journey of discovery. This time he is alone, without the aid of his sister, his travelling companion on all his other adventures. Only he can uncover the mysteries that hold the secret to a better way of life for himself, family, associates and business interests.
Spiritual as well as physical hardships await him as he has to confront ghosts from the past and allay fears about the future. Grappling with long held beliefs and prejudices, he unravels conundrums that have haunted men and women from the very beginning of time. Meeting and mixing with people not from his world, he learns much and is touched by many.
At the end of his quest, armed with new knowledge, he faces his greatest challenge of all. Does he have the courage to change?

1. The Crisis 1
2. The Stranger 9
3. Planning 21
4. Clearing the Past 39
5. Muse 49
6. Visions 59
7. In search of the Soul 67
8. Discovering the present 79
9. Shimmering Lake 89
10. Lost Direction 99
11. Inner Voice 111
12. The Messenger 119
13. Faith 123
14. Sacred Triangle 135
15. Victory 151
16. Inner Peace 161
17. The Purple Veil 171
18. Parcels and Pillows 185
19. Restart 193

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